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    Techdirt Interview of Ira Rothken
    -Discussion of Ira Rothken's career handling internet copyright cases

    February 23, 2012 Radio New Zealand
    -US abuse of power in taking down Megaupload
    -No such thing as criminal secondary copyright infringement
    -The Prosecution is politically motivated 

    Ira Rothken presentation at e-discovery seminar (excerpt)
    - discussion of technical-legal factors to consider in determining whether e-discovery related data is "not reasonably accessible"
    - More information can be found here 

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      We Have Assisted in the Startup of Some of the Most Successful E-Commerce and Electronic Entertainment Companies in the World

      In addition to our robust litigation practice we assist electronic entertainment, high technology, and e-commerce companies in their business, startup, and legal transactions. For example, since the inception of the "commercialized" internet in the mid 1990s, we have represented some of the largest and most successful web sites in the world on a huge range of matters from startup issues to risk reduction strategies to e-commerce policies and agreements. In many instances we were called upon to handle issues where there was no clear precedent and thus we had to innovate a solution.

      We have helped start numerous successful electronic entertainment and videogame companies including Pandemic Games, Telltale Games (makers of "The Walking Dead" and "Game of Thrones"), and Arenanet (makers of "Guild Wars").

      Mr. Rothken is also a member of the Keiretsu Forum, one of the largest Angel Investor groups in the world.

      We Generally Provide Discounts to Startups

      We assist high technology startups on a broad range of legal matters from a turn key approach where we act as an outside general counsel to representation on discrete issues such as negotiating a development agreement or handling litigation.

      We provide discounts to startups on a case by case basis. The discounts, after evaluation and approval by us, can take the form of any combination of equity for services, reduced fees, lower hourly rates, lower flat fees, and deferred payments among other creative billing methods.

      In addition, under some circumstances, we may also help fund startups as an angel investor.

      If you are interested in getting discounted legal fees for your startup please contact us using the form in the sidebar to start the evaluation process.