U.S. Banks Come Under Pressure from Regulators to Improve Network Security
Friday, June 10, 2011 at 11:19PM

Citigroup said that it suffered a security breach in the bank's network impacting the data of about 200,000 credit-card holders in North America. Allegedly the bank waited more than a month before making the full extent of the breach public, drawing criticism from Regulators and lawyers.

U.S. Representative Mary Bono Mack is preparing legislation to ensure faster notification to customers, her spokesman told Reuters.

Ira Rothken, a San Francisco-based attorney who represents plaintiffs in hacking cases, said his firm is investigating whether the information compromised in the Citi breach has led to any secondary intrusions against impacted customers.

"If a bank can't keep data secure, it's going to have a chilling effect not only on the banking industry, but on ecommerce," Rothken said.

The full story from Reuters can be found here.

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