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    Techdirt Interview of Ira Rothken
    -Discussion of Ira Rothken's career handling internet copyright cases

    February 23, 2012 Radio New Zealand
    -US abuse of power in taking down Megaupload
    -No such thing as criminal secondary copyright infringement
    -The Prosecution is politically motivated 

    Ira Rothken presentation at e-discovery seminar (excerpt)
    - discussion of technical-legal factors to consider in determining whether e-discovery related data is "not reasonably accessible"
    - More information can be found here 

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      California Local Counsel Services

      We provide local counsel services to other lawyers and law firms for courts in the San Francisco Bay Area and the rest of California. Please contact us using the form in the sidebar to discuss your case.

      We can assist you as local counsel in cases involving class actions, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, internet law, data privacy, data security (hacking), business litigation, arbitrations, mediations, high technology or cybercrime related criminal defense, contract disputes, corporate litigation, RICO, and a large variety of other types of civil litigation. 

      We aim to work on a basis that is deferential to the referring or hiring attorney or law firm. For example we can work on a small flat fee basis if the referring firm will be doing the vast majority of the legal work or we can work as co-counsel on an hourly or lodestar basis depending on the type of representation (plaintiff or defense) and case.

      We are experienced in handling high technology and complex litigation in Federal and State Courts as well as garden variety cases.